Marcos is a well established multi-instrumentalist who has performed professionally on electric and acoustic guitar, bass, mandolin, trumpet, banjo, congas, timbales, djembe, cajon, ukulele, trombone, and drum-kit.

As well as touring internationally through Europe, Asia, and Central and South America, Marcos has performed coast to coast in Canada and the United States. He is also a professional sound engineer.

Over the course of his career, Marcos has worked with a huge variety of artists from Juno winners, to beginning artists, and has professionally played a variety of genres and styles of music, including reggae, blues, Celtic, Arabic, country, rock, jazz, punk rock, calypso, rockabilly, hip-hop, klezmer, Latin, folk, ska, R&B, Afro-Brazillian, showtunes, and funk.

As a song writer/composer/arranger, his songs have appeared on commercials, in films, on television, and on various radio stations. He is very proficient in music theory, and has extensively studied world music and jazz.

cell: 778-980-7543 (texting preferred)
post: 3777 VMPO Vancouver, B.C. Canada V6B 3Z1